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Stellar Packet

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Stellar course

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The Stellar Packet is a training kit designed for novice investors who want to enter the world of investing.

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Stellar cryptocurrency

One of the best growing cryptocurrencies based on modern blockchain technology that is gaining increasing interest among investors.

Stellar Packet

A training package aimed at beginner traders combining educational material with a free Stellar cryptocurrency bonus.

Stellar code card

The Stellar code card has a login and password to an e-wallet account that only the customer has access to and that allows them to store cryptocurrency until it is sold.

Decentralised system

Why is it worth it?


Education is the path to success for every investor, entrepreneur and successful person who has invested in their own development to reach their goals.


Cryptocurrencies are a symbol of future technology, as well as one of the best and most popular investment assets on the market. Both users and investors are interested in them.

Educational platform

By purchasing the Stellar package the customer will receive access to a series of educational materials in the form of e-books and articles, as well as access to a platform where online training is held.

Instructions for use

After purchasing the Stellar packet, an email will be sent to the address provided by the customer with detailed instructions on how to use the platform and access a range of educational materials.



Learning and advice from professionals is ideal for anyone seeking to educate and develop themselves. By purchasing the Stellar Package, the customer will get online access to professional knowledge.  


Stellar cryptocurrency is one of the most popular e-currencies on the market which is distinguished by a modern combination of cryptocurrency and a platform based on modern technology. 

Card with a code

When buying a stellar package the customer will also receive a card with a login and code to a private account on the e-wallet where their cryptocurrency will be stored until the time of sale.

Sending a package

After purchasing the stellar package, a package containing a stellar code card will also be sent to the address provided by the customer, which the customer will be able to pick up in person.

Did you already know?

Online learning

The Stellar packet is designed for novice investors who are planning to enter the world of investing. It includes a series of educational materials in the form of ebooks, articles, and access to the online training platform.

Using the knowledge gained, novice investors will be able to take their first steps in the world of investment and start making informed decisions.

Investing in cryptocurrencies

An added bonus of the Stellar Packet is the Stellar cryptocurrency, which the client will receive for free after purchasing the educational package. The cryptocurrency will be stored in a private e-wallet account that only the customer will have access to. The login details are on a code card that the customer will receive in the mail.

With their first assets customers will be able to feel like real investors which will give them more confidence and allow them to put their knowledge into practice.

Stellar Packet

Secure your future and independence

Placing an order

To purchase the Stellar Package, simply submit your order by leaving your contact details on the website or by replying to one of the advertisements.

Contact with the vendor

Shortly after you have placed your order, you will be contacted by a salesperson who will analyze your level of knowledge and choose a package suitable for you.

Mail with instructions

After the purchase, the customer will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to use the learning platform and the training materials.

Card with a code

After the order, a package containing a card with the code to access the e-wallet will be sent to the indicated address of the client.

Stellar Packet

Invest in your knowledge

Why Stellar cryptocurrency?

Stellar cryptocurrency (Stellar lumens) is based on modern blockchain technology adapted to the requirements of modern customers, making it faster, cheaper and more efficient.

The Stellar platform is in great demand among international entrepreneurs and global corporations, thanks to its technology that enables many instant transfers from anywhere in the world.

Stellar is also a powerful and open-source platform based on a public and distributed blockchain network on which the Stellar Lumens cryptocurrency operates. The platform provides instant transfers. 

The development of the Stellar cryptocurrency also makes it very popular among investors who see it as a lucrative investment opportunity, thus, its value in the e-money market increases regularly. 

Stellar Packet

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