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Packet Stellar – Knowledge and Experience

Many people would like to invest the money they have set aside so that it is not lost to the wobbles of the economy and rising inflation rates. But how to do it wisely and safely?

Investing… but consciously

Unfortunately, starting your own investments in cryptocurrency is not easy. This promising market attracts scammers with fake opportunities to buy new, supposedly future-proof e-money. However, there is a way to protect yourself from criminals. Increasingly, investors are opting for cryptocurrency investment training, and not surprisingly, there is a growing market covering this type of material. Compared to previous years, investors are more prepared for the challenge they are taking on, so they are less likely to become victims of crime.

How to start investing in cryptocurrency? All you need to do is open an account on the platform of the exchange or fintech offering virtual coins. Then there is the need to verify your identity – this is required due to European Union regulations. After that, there is still the issue of storage. The cryptocurrency that you use on a regular basis is kept in “hot” wallets.  A “hot” wallet is one that exists on a device that connects to the Internet – such as a mobile app or an online account. Transactions using hot wallets are very simple, but they are a tasty morsel for hackers.

Long-term investors therefore prefer to keep their cryptocurrency in an offline device, called a “cold wallet”. For those looking for the safest form of storage, these are the best option. Cold wallets are not without their own set of risks, such as physical theft of the flash drive containing the currency, but if the investor follows the instructions and takes all possible precautions, they can feel safe.

Stellar… why it’s worth it

What remains is the choice of currency to invest in. Every year more and more different coins are deemed to be the most promising, for instance at the moment Stellar is considered to be one of the most promising e-coins. What is Stellar? It is both a currency and a payment platform – thus it is often compared to Ripple. This connection is not coincidental – Stellar’s creator, Jed McCaleb, was also a co-founder of Ripple.

Like Ripple, Stellar is a payment technology that aims to connect financial institutions and reduce the cost and time required for cross-border transfers as much as possible. However, Stellar itself very quickly spun off from Ripple. The bifurcation (splitting of the cryptocurrency) in early 2014 culminated in the creation of the new, forward-looking Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP). At this point, Stellar supports a network of decentralized servers with a distributed ledger that is updated every 2 to 5 seconds across all nodes.

The most interesting factor that differentiates Stellar from other popular coins, including Bitcoin, is its consensus protocol. It does not rely on an entire network of miners to validate transactions. Instead, it uses the Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) algorithm, which enables faster transaction processing. This is because Stellar uses slices of the quorum (or part of the network) to approve and verify the validity of transactions.

What does this mean in practice? This state-of-the-art solution makes each node in the Stellar network select a different set of “trustworthy” nodes. Once a transaction is validated by all nodes in that set, it is considered successful. The shortened process has made the Stellar network extremely fast and is said to process as many as 1,000 operations per second. This, therefore, makes Stellar tokens (i.e. virtual coins produced by the network) a desirable speculative asset, as their price will increase as the system grows.

Cryptocurrency package

Cryptocurrency training packages can easily be found on the market. These are special offers aimed at people who would like to make a difference in their lives and start their first investment in virtual coins. For example, recently popular in this category is the Stellar Packet, containing a set of training courses, webinars, e-books and learning aids, fully dedicated to issues related to cryptocurrency investments, the Stellar network and its tokens.

Most of the educational kits are aimed at those who are beginners, yet want to actively expand their knowledge of selected cryptocurrencies and investment principles. Often, educational materials include extensive compendia of knowledge on cryptocurrencies, investing in digital assets, risk management, and much more. The knowledge is provided in a variety of forms, from webinars with specialists to e-books discussing a particular issue. What is more, the distinctive feature of these trainings is that you receive free cryptocurrency stored in a special account along with the package.

Packet Stellar – training and investing

The Stellar packet contains webinars, ebooks and training materials designed to introduce aspiring investors to the world of cryptocurrencies. While products like this are becoming increasingly popular and come in many different variations, the Stellar Packet was reviewed as being the best-performing cryptocurrency education package of the current year.

This bundle of materials is an effective way to combine theory with practical investing using the Stellar cryptocurrency you receive. As part of the package, you get a set of educational materials, but also a free bonus in the form of XLM cryptocurrency units. The materials are specially selected so that even people who have not heard about cryptocurrencies before can develop their knowledge. In addition to the theoretical part, the package allows you to become an investor holding your first Stellar tokens.

Packet Stellar – learning with the professionals

To purchase the package, simply call the brand’s hotline or place an order on the website. You will then receive a confirmation email from which you can find out how to download the learning materials. A cash-on-delivery package will also be sent via regular mail, which will contain, among other things, a Stellar code card. This card should be kept in a safe place. Despite the fact that cryptocurrency units are received free of charge, it is worth taking care of the safety of their storage and that they do not end up in the wrong hands.

The code card gives you access to a service where you can receive free Stellar cryptocurrency assigned to an individual customer account. It is worth noting that the code card is included in every package, including those designed for complete beginners. With the help of the provided login and password you can preview the value of the cryptocurrency, which the owner of the purchased educational set can withdraw at any time. Only the managing broker and the client have access to the account.

Packet Stellar – secure storage

One of the most interesting solutions used in the Stellar Packet is the aforementioned method of storing the cryptocurrency. The client along with the ordered set gets a special card that contains a code allowing access to the account where the tokens are stored. Access to the account is available only to the person with the Stellar card – received in a package sent by post, after purchasing the package.

This is an extremely secure solution because the management of the cryptocurrency and the account is handled by an intermediary, which minimizes the likelihood of the tokens being intercepted by hackers or bad investment decisions made by beginners. After acquiring the knowledge, the accumulated cryptocurrency can be successfully withdrawn to the chosen e-wallet address.

The Stellar packet has been described in reviews as a safe, interesting solution for those seeking education in electronic currencies. The free cryptocurrency, as well as the high level of training materials offered, certainly also contributes to the popularity of products of this type.

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